Box of Tricks - VT Image.jpg

Since that first Magic Set when I was eight, I’ve collated quite a collection of magical paraphernalia, from Houdini’s original handcuffs to Sooty’s replica wand.

Being an obsessive hoarder has its advantages - my workshop often resembles a Hogwarts storeroom.

Over the years I’ve adapted classic tricks and illusions and developed and designed new ones, all to fit perfectly into any theme, any event.

If the focus is energy and entertainment, I’ve got it.

If it’s the message, I’ve got it.

Whatever the focus, I’ve got it.

Take a look at the case studies over on my blog page - you’ll see ways I’ve worked my magic for other clients, whether it’s using ‘magic’ or something else, but all with the same aim - to surprise and delight the crowd.

My Box of Tricks is deep. Loaded with adaptable options, all at your disposal. And if I haven’t got an instant solution, I’ll create something new.

Get in touch to see some filmed examples from previous events. I’ll send you a link.

In the meantime, take a look at this forty-five second film. It highlights an engaging 5-minute audience participation magic trick. Everyone gets involved and the props can be branded and script themed. I’ve performed it with audiences of 20 to 2,500 and it’s always a crowd pleaser.

David Howlett